Photo Essay – Rustic and Vibrant Kutch

Intrigued by photographs of a surreal salt marsh and herds of playful flamingos, I found myself in Kutch last December. Little did I know that I was setting foot on a district that is home to such vibrant ethnic communities, with each one committed to traditional handicrafts that have come to denote their identity over the years.

In the course of a week, in the company of friends, I walked across the bustling town of Bhuj, exploring the ruins and extravagance of its palaces by day and its deserted by-lanes at night. We drove across empty barren land towards yellow sunflower fields and into colorful villages where each hut was a work of art in itself. We sipped milky chai in street-side dhabas en route and went on to converse with spirited artisans at work, humbled by their talents.

Somewhere along the dusty roads of Kutch, I realised why India’s beautiful countryside is always worth a visit. After you’ve seen these pictures, I hope you feel the same way too.

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